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LOL VS Dota: Why LOL Is More Fun Than Dota

By Susan : A how to tutorial about dota vs lol, lol review, dota review, Gaming with step by step guide from Susan.

Actually, DotA for me is out. It's just too old, it was great while it lasted though.

So it comes down LoL. I am biased towards HoN because I played it first and have played it for longer. However I have recently started playing LoL too, and have maybe 20-30 games under my belt.

LoL feels much slower, and it seems more difficult to kill people. I think this is in part due to the grass, and the fact towers do so much more damage than in HoN. The grass however is pretty damn cool, and something that HoN lacks.

I know it is a simple game, and compared to modern standards even HoN is severely lacking, but LoL just annoys me. Its so... bland.

I prefer LoLs game search function, but hate the overall navigation system. You have to load like three seperate programs just to play a game? It's clutzy and annoying.

At first I liked LoLs hero buying system. It was kind of cool to buy a hero, learn it and pwn everyone due to the fact they didn't know what it did, but after a while it got boring. You'd master the hero in a couple of games, and want something else, but you'd require 10-15 games to work up enough points to unlock the next.
However the weekly "free heros" was pretty cool, an excellent way for noobies like me to step into the game because I didn't have to learn every hero. Just that week's batch. Like I said though, you learned them very quickly and grew bored.

The universal "summoner" powers and abilities were pretty cool. I liked that added uniqueness you could give to your build. I didn't see much point to the runes, they seemed like a minor boost that'd give you only a tiny edge.

Another thing I liked about LoL was the ability power boosts. This allowed casters to stay competetive late game, however it also drastically diminished the power of the game's carries. A powerful caster who is strong in the early ranks, and gets off to a good start only became more powerful.

I'll keep playing both, and I'm sure they'll both learn from each other and improve.

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