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Most Popular and Desirable For Filipino Street Food

By nbrockwell : A how to tutorial about pig head, baby chick, recipe link, Food & Beverage with step by step guide from nbrockwell.

Filipino are known for its street food, due to the reason for appetite and economic condition, Filipino street food is really affordable as it becomes a popular diet for average or even for the poor. But as I’ve even well of Filipino has a strong desire consuming the food, maybe due to our strong appetite as we consume 3 meal a day aside from two in between meal snacks. I have here some of the most favorite street food.
Tokneneng : Tokneneng is a fried hard boiled duck egg covered with batter, Tokneneng is usually eaten with vinegar, onion, cucumber as a sauce.
Fish ball: Fish ball is usually fried and deep with sweet and sour sauce or vinegar, it is usually offered on the street using movable cart. Fish ball is made of flour, fish seasoning, and fish meat.
Kikkiam: Kikkiam is popular Chinese meat roll recipes that become one of the most favorite street foods. It is usually fried and offered along with fish ball using a cart.
Squid ball : Squid ball or sometimes called as oddballs primarily offered on small kiosk on Supermarket, now it become one of the most saleable cart food, it is usually eaten with sweet chili or sweet and sour.
Balot and Penoy: Balot and Penoy could be the most popular among the group, balot and penoy has become a part of Filipino culture as it was been there for a long time, balot is fertilized duck egg, the embryo is almost completed because the egg was incubated for 18 days, for a lots of people Balot is an exotic and unusual food. Peony is hard boil duck egg, both appetizers was consume with salt or vinegar as a flavoring. Balot sometimes are also deshell, cover with batter and fry the way Tokneneng was.
Hotdog: Now a day’s Hotdog is also offered as a street food, it is cut by 1 inch by length then sold along with other food.
Tokwa (Tofu or Bean curd): I’ve seen street vendor frying Tofu, it is slice 1 inch by 1 inch cube and sold.
Kwe Kwek : It is comparable with Tokneneng but it use quail egg instead.
One Day Old Chick: It is a reject male chick at the farm because they preferred Female chick for layer, feather is removed and deep fried, you eat the whole baby chick because the bone are still soft, it is usually dip and eaten with vinegar.
Chicken Head: Chicken head was cook adobo then barbeque skewered on bamboo stick.
Chicken Isaw (Intestine) also known as IUD: Barbeque chicken intestine.
Pig Head: Barbeque Pig head skin, it is cook the way chicken head and isaw was.

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