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My Parents Can't Take Care of Themselves Anymore

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I don't know what to do. I'm overwhelmed and feel helpless.

Where do I turn?

This is a problem many of us face when our parents grow older. You always think of them as independent and strong -- able to take care of themselves, but now you're starting to see signs. Little signs . . . stack of unpaid bills, letters promising lottery winnings, a house that's not as clean as it once was forgetfulness, weight loss, depression, loss of physical or organizational abilities, a dented car bumper, health issues that don't seem to be improving. You ask and hear exasperation in their voice, denial that anything is wrong.

Unless you have experience with issues that result from aging or the health care system you will find the situation frustrating and very confusing.

My name is Pamela Wilson and my role is to help families relieve the emotional stress of dealing with an aging parent. I am here to help you navigate issues of aging, the health care system and to help your parents in their time of need. Seeing my own father deal with his declining health after my mother's death made me feel helpless, lost and a somewhat embarrassed that I couldn't do more to ease my father's pain and make his life easier. This experience and years of working with others in similar situations showed me that there are better ways to deal with the inevitable - that we will all one day experience ourselves.

So where do you go for help? My experience with my parents, my in-laws and hundreds of clients taught me that knowledge is power. Education is the first step. There are many resources available to you and your parents to make the later years less stressful and more enjoyable. I offer support by providing educational materials and in person and telephone consultations.

I have written a series of articles to help children of aging parents work through the issues that arise as parents move to the stage of dependency instead self-sufficiency. We often hear that we begin as helpless children and end our life in a similar way. In some cases this is true. These articles are written to provide ideas, suggestions and guidance as you look for options to help your parents. I'm also available to answer questions and help you work through these difficult situations. Subjects like:

How to talk to your parents - understanding their perspective

Medicare versus Medicaid, what’s the difference?

Dealing with the financial implications of needing care

What to do when siblings are "not all on the same page" regarding parent care

Planning an effective visit with the doctor

Setting up home care

Is it time to move?

Pamela D Wilson is an owner of a care navigation center. My goal is to provide you with education and information to make informed decisions about your care and the care of loved ones. For more services visit:

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