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Natural homemade remedies for bladder infection

By annice : A how to tutorial about natural bladder control, bladder control supplement, flostat review, Health and Fitness with step by step guide from annice.

Bladder infection also known as cystitis is an encroachment of bacteria into the urinary tract. The infection is caused by a bacteria E.coli that enters the opening of the urethra and travels inside the urinary tract causing the urinary tract infection. The infection can occur at any age and common among men, women and in children. However, women are more susceptible to infection due to having shorter urethra.

Person suffering from bladder infection have frequent urge to urinate, painful urination, blood flow with the urine, burning sensation, abdominal and lower back pain and discomfort. The infection is quite painful and can become severe health issue if the bacteria spread into the kidneys. Kidney or urethral infection, holding urine for long period, unprotected sex, poor diet, stress, unhygienic condition are all responsible for causing bladder infection.

With an effective treatment, the condition can be resolved within a week depending upon the cause and severity of the infection. In mild cases, infection can be cured using some effective home and herbal remedies. Beside that natural bladder control medication are also available that treats the infection from its root and provides relief from all symptoms of bladder infection.

Some useful home remedies are:

• Drink plenty of water each day. It helps to cleanse your body by flushing out toxins and unwanted substance from the body and provides good flow of urine.
• Vegetable and fruit juice is also an effective remedy for bladder infection as they provides essential nutrients and vitamins to body and helps to fight off the infection.
• Cranberry juice is powerful remedy to fight off the infection as it prevents the bacteria from clinging inside the urinary tract.
• Avoid tea, coffee, carbonated, processed and high-sugar content foods, drinks and alcohol.
• Take about 2 tablespoon of mannose powder and mix it with one glass of filtered water and drink it regularly after every two-three hour intervals.

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