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New Turbine Combustion Engine - Gearturbine - Retrodynamic

By retrodynamic : A how to tutorial about gear turbines engines compression flows pumps retrodynamic innovation motors design, Technology with step by step guide from retrodynamic. YouTube Video; Gearturbine / Retrodynamic - Dextrogiro vs Levogiro *1="Gearturbine"; -From;Dic-1991, IMPI/Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial, grant patent-Mexico, name; Motor de compresion y empuje por aspas #197187. A non parasitic losses engine system, increase of compresion by reduction of cunduit circunference = from one big-one to two smalls-very long distance cautive compression flow and inside propulsion conduits (like a digestive system or similar to the propulsion by pulse exaust pipe)in perfect equilibrium well balanced star were end like a snake bite his own tale, -no waste for cooling -non parasitic looses for cooling lubrication combustion, - -inside active rotor with 4 pairs of retrodynamic turbos (for a complete use power regeneration), mechanical direct gear power thrust friendly friction, -3 stages of compression before the combustion, and 3 points of thrust; 1-flame, 2-gear & 3-exaust all in one system. Simple mechanical direct gear thrust small gear inside a big gear for low RPM, with two  small gears (very strong torque) in polar position pushing in a big one inside the shell with a planetary move for making a low to fast change of RPM in a simple way and to make posible for a land aplication, -for combustion two continue moving flames (clean and complete combustion (not like a piston explosion)) similar in a circulat way like a YING YANG, -hibrid engine; action & reaction turbines in one system, -no erosion by dust, -power by barr, -with the unique retrodynamic technical cuality of "dextrogiro vs levogiro" effect is when the inside flow moves against of the rotor moves making a very strong concept (an a boxer example is like to move the head to the side of the strike ponch) (the only example you can find of a dextrogiro vs levogiro fenomena effect is the inside retrodynamic flow of an antimateria machine device/not bad dont you think), -an overpowered engine to make posible an efficient electrolisys 

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