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Note how much just normal CPU temperature

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Laptops CPU and desktop CPU are not the same, at the design using temperature higher than desktops, i.e. heat dissipation problems became one of the biggest drawback laptop. So, notebook CPU temperature should be lower than how many ability is it normal?

Ensure temperature 30 degrees range is generally stable. That is to say, the CPU temperature resistant to 65 degrees, receive the highest 35 degrees by summer, allows the CPU to compute temperature for 30 degrees. By analogy, if your environment temperature is now 20 degrees, CPU'd better not exceed 50 degrees. The temperature of course is as low as possible. Whether you to what extent overclocking, don't make your CPU above ambient temperature 30 degrees above.

Now would add that two points:

1. The temperature and the voltage of the problem. Temperature increase is due to the heat radiator U greater calorific value and heat, once row heat equilibrium, temperature longer rises. The decision by U calorific value, and the power and voltage proportional to power, and therefore to have a good control temperature will control the core CPU voltage. But it's easy to say, low voltage if it would cause instability in a large range, when this overclocking especially evident in contradictions. Many times the CPU temperature didn't reach critical value system, and then restart CHKDSK affect the stability of the system is the temperature but voltage. So how to set up good voltage in extreme overclocking is very important, set high, radiator pretty not, low, U quite a sieve.

2. Various motherboard temperature measurement in different ways, even the same brand, model of motherboard, due to temperature measuring probe the distance near to the CPU can also lead to detect differences, the temperature varies greatly. Therefore, general said how security is not scientific temperature. I think in the summer at ambient temperature oneself ran high 3DMark super Pi or a run, as long as stability through can, need not too believe software testing temperature data.

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