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NOW: How to Prepare for Your Executive Job Interviews Using Executive Marketing Experts

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NOW: Prepare for Interviews with the Pros

Haven’t been on an interview for a job in years or even decades? Don’t worry; you are not alone. According to executive marketing experts now in 2011, an interview is very different today than what it used to be. “Naturally, the most important thing for an executive to do is get through the screening process with a great resume. Then, when you have an interview set up, you must really be prepared,” say leading executive marketing experts.

Companies that are hiring have hundreds of resumes to look through, and only the ones that have floated to the top are invited to an interview. Now, there are several preparation steps that will help you do well during your interviews:

• Know your resume inside and out. If you have metrics on your resume, make sure you know them and can quote them during the interview.
• Practice, even if it is to the mirror, what you may say during an interview. Know what “stories” you think will stick in the interviewer’s mind about you (how you saved the company from a disaster, made that sale that prevented filing Chapter 11, etc.)
• Time yourself in terms of how long you talk about each past position. You do not want to spend half an hour on your last job you had and have no time to discuss your earlier successes.
• Review your past duties so you can answer questions about your achievements without hesitation.
• Before the interview, read all that you can about the company you are about to visit; learn executive names, customers, mission, recent earnings and any mentions of them in the press.
• Present discussions of your achievements that are most related to what this business does. If you are interviewing with a manufacturing company, you may want to downplay your banking industry experience except as it relates to manufacturing (doing due diligence on manufacturers to determine if your bank should give them loans).
• Make sure you listen attentively. The person interviewing you may be disclosing clues to what they need from the person they are hiring.
• If they do not reveal what they are seeking, ask some questions that show that you understand their business models and markets.
• If the interviewer tells you about a specific problem that they want the new hire to solve, think about and offer some suggestions about how you might solve it. Don’t be too specific, as they may take your idea and not you.
• Offer to give them a “free trial.” If you are really confident that you could perform all of the duties of this job and could make a difference quickly, offer to work for them free for 30 days and let them see how ideal you are for this position.
• Study up on the industry this company is in. Be able to speak easily and intelligently on the challenges that this company is facing and how you could help them overcome such issues.
• Remember that your skills are transferrable and be able to show how you would use your experience in their company.
• Don’t offer personal information unless asked, and then keep it to a minimum.
• Do not tell them you cannot relocate because your kids like their schools or your wife has a job in your current location. This can be discussed and worked out after they offer you the position. At this point, you are willing to do whatever it takes to work for this company.
• NEVER SPEAK BADLY ABOUT A FORMER EMPLOYER. Even if you have reason to be upset over how you were treated and are sure this interviewer will be sympathetic to your poor treatment, take the high road. Do not discuss how blindsided or hurt you were by being let go. Do not discuss your severance package.
• When asked why you left a company, have a succinct answer that casts no aspersions. For instance, say, “The company was acquired by another firm that wanted to bring in their own management team.” “There was significant downsizing to deal with the recession, and it was logical that they eliminate senior executives whose salaries allowed them to keep more engineers on staff.”
• Have a good summary statement prepared that reiterates your strong points and how much you could contribute to the company.

The more you prepare and practice, the more relaxed and confident you will sound. Executive marketing experts suggest “Give them a glimpse of your personality and humor, but do not tell the interviewer everything about you.” Make sure you let them know what is unique about what you have to offer them and what will make you stand out from the others competing for this same job.

Successful executive marketing experts has been helping executives prepare for interviews and land high-level positions for more than 30 years. The right counselors now understand the current job market and help you ace the interviews to which you will be invited. If you choose to hire an executive marketing expert during your job search, they will spend many hours talking to you and coaching you on how to present yourself in interviews. You speak to executive coaches who ask questions about a variety of subjects so that we get a good 360 understanding of you and your career. Executive marketing professionals will help you prepare a unique profile of you that will make you stand out among the others submitting typical resumes. Then the marketing department takes over and sends your profile to companies that are not even advertising for executives.

Hiring the right executive marketing expert will open doors for you with companies that need executives like you. They will get you noticed, and then you convince them that you are indeed the best catch for the executive position.

Visit - NOW of Delaware was founded in 1996 to assist top-level Executives and Professionals in their career search. Contact NOW, 3422 Old Capitol Trail, ste 1591, Wilmington Delaware 19808 or Send Resume to: NOW is a subsidiary of

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