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Plants Vs Zombies: How to get plants for zen garden?

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If you want to get Zen garden plants more frequantly, you can follow our tips to get more plants for zen garden. With these tips you can get any plants you like for planting in the zen garden:

•Step 1

Getting fun plants for your Zen gardens is done with random rewards during normal play. You can increase your odds dramatically playing on one specific level. Survival/pool/hard will usually render 2 new plants when you play it through 10 flags.

•Step 2

To best survive this level start filling your back row with sunflowers while using potato mines and squash to hold off the zombies.

•Step 3

As soon as the back row is full put the repeaters on the center four lanes. Put garlic at the front of the two outside lanes to drive zombies to the middle.

•Step 4

Fill the front row with spikeweeds and put firewood in front of each repeater. Have 2 garlic in a row to thwart pole vaulting zombies.

•Step 5

As you are able, upgrade your plants. Double sunflowers and upgrading the spikeweed is the most vital. Put cat tails in the water for balloon zombies. In the spaces behind the garlic put magnets and wake them up. Extend the spike weed down the lane next to the water. Put tall nuts in front of the cat tails.

•Step 6
Now it is just maintenance. Keep the garlic fresh. Use chili peppers and cherry bombs during big rushes. Ice shrooms work well also. By the time you finish all ten flags, you should have two new plants.

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