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Proper Restaurant Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance

By JWheeler : A how to tutorial about restaurant equipment cleaning, restaurant equipment maintenance, preventative maintenance plans, Business with step by step guide from JWheeler.

Properly cleaning and maintaining your restaurant equipment helps reduce energy costs while ensuring a sanitary and safe kitchen. Employing the best techniques for proper cleaning and maintenance of your equipment will save you time and money and improve your bottom line while creating a healthy work environment.

Follow these tips to assist you in the correct methods for cleaning and maintaining your restaurant equipment.
1. Clean equipment every day to avoid dirt build up. Food debris and grease collecting in equipment crevices will cause unnecessary wear.
2. Utilize an equipment service logbook to help you follow a regular maintenance schedule.
3. Regular scheduled maintenance should include cleaning and calibrating ovens, testing cooler temperatures, removing scale build-up in dishwashers and thoroughly cleaning other commercial food equipment.
4. Check owner's manuals for correct cleaning instructions for each type of equipment. Use only cleaning solutions recommended by your equipment manuals.
5. Consult your manufacturer representative if you have questions regarding any of your restaurant equipment. Keep the manuals handy and if you have lost a user's manual, ask your representative to get you a replacement.
6. Set up a preventative maintenance service contract with a local Food and Restaurant Equipment Service Company. Regularly scheduled maintenance will help keep your equipment in peak operating condition and extend its life, saving you money in the long run.
7. Buy easy to clean equipment when purchasing new restaurant equipment. Look for quality products that can be easily taken apart, cleaned and reassembled. This will save you a lot of cleaning and maintenance time.
8. Store smaller appliances such as blenders and cutters in storage cabinets when not in use. This will reduce exposure to grease and dirt and help avoid broken or damaged equipment that has been dropped or knocked over.

Following proper cleaning procedures and using the services of a local Restaurant Equipment Service Company for equipment fine tuning and maintenance will save you money in the long run by lowering energy consumption, reducing expensive unexpected repairs or costly equipment replacement.

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