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Reasons to Use an Authorised Diamond Resorts Reseller

By James Howson : A how to tutorial about selling Diamond Resorts Points, timeshare points, Diamond Resorts, Travel with step by step guide from James Howson.

Diamond Resorts across Europe make great holidays but many people are now looking for a secure way to sell their timeshare points.

As a means of arranging annual holidays, timeshare points are surprisingly uncomplicated and offer owners a great choice of destinations that they can alternate between from year to year. From Tenerife to France and Norway to Portugal, there are quality resorts across Europe that operate under the guidance of Diamond, all of which can be booked using a set amount of points. Those who own a large number of points will find that they can take several vacations in a single calendar year for no additional cost. Despite the benefits of the system, there are many people who find that they can no longer afford the annual maintenance fees and are now looking into ways of selling Diamond Resorts Points to rid themselves of the financial commitment.

The problem that remains for owners is that Diamond are not keen to take back timeshare points that they have sold to individuals, even if they are offered for free. The reason for this is because the resorts network would then miss out on the annual maintenance fees paid by the owners, which are essential for the continued profits of the company. As a result, those people selling Diamond Resorts Points find that very few options are open to them and can be drawn into engaging with companies whose sole purpose is to scam points owners, with no intention of actually buying their points or providing any financial relief. In actual fact they will attempt to get points owners to part with non-refundable amounts of money – masked as ‘facilitation fees’, ‘transfer fees’ and various other guises.

The only solutions open to those people selling Diamond Resorts Points are to advertise them with a licensed resales company, of which there is currently only one, or to go it alone and look to sell the timeshare points on eBay or by corresponding with potential buyers on independent timeshare forums. It is recommended that owners use an authorised resale company however as the legal side of transferring points ownership can be very complex, and requires co-operation from Diamond Resorts themselves. It can be difficult to facilitate such procedures and this is another factor that puts people off trying to sell their points privately.

Another consideration for those selling Diamond Resorts Points is that there is no longer a huge market for resales. Timeshare Points have depreciated in value quite rapidly due to a lack of demand, meaning that there are not many buyers, but a vast number of sellers. A licensed resales company will recommend to their client a realistic selling price that will help them to attract a buyer. Sellers must consider that this figure may be a very small proportion of their initial outlay and balance this against the fact that they will be free from the annual maintenance fees.

James Howson is a timeshare and fractional ownership expert with over a decade of experience buying and selling Diamond Resorts Points. His advice can help you to sell timeshare points or unwanted timeshare weeks.

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