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Reborn dolls Learn more about reborn dolls

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Reborn dolls are dolls made to look like real babies. They are known since the early '90 's, from the United States and is now increasingly popular around the world. Industries have also been around this business. There are also online shops that offer kits and parts for Reborning or manufacturing process reborn dolls as well as finished products of artists. They are not cheap, at regular prices from a few hundred dollars and can reach up to a mile or more.

Reborn dolls are purchased for a number of reasons, one of these primarily to increase the collection. The clients are mostly women, most of whom are in their 30 to 50 years. Others, meanwhile, you can buy these dolls to replace the child they have lost or substitute for their children who have grown up, but still love the feeling of having a baby around. They like the idea of taking care of a child - cuddle, clothing, and diet. The only difference between Reborn and a true baby there is no real responsibility here. The doll itself is not dirty, do not cry and do not need constant supervision. Thus, he takes care of the child, but with less stress.

For women who can not have babies, also known as "empty nest", or those who planned to have children later in life, but reached the age when it is too late and not going back there is also a way to cope with being unable to have her own child. There are the adoption papers, even when buying a doll to feel very real. This helps fill the void that these women are having children. The revival is there for them. Apart from that, transport and embrace the dolls help to awaken the maternal instincts of a woman and helps build self-esteem when people go through him and tell him how beautiful his "baby" you take a walk outside.

As mentioned earlier, women buy reborn dolls to replace a child who has lost once. This could be healthy, and can facilitate the grieving process. But the question is, is it really? And how is it healthy? The first common mechanism for adaptation that a person uses every time he faces the loss of someone or something important is denial. These dolls time could help this process by diverting attention and at the same time provide a temporary replacement. However, there are some problems with this type of adaptation.

If she is too attached to the handle of regeneration and loses reality could not be. In the health plan, help to cope with the loss to permit temporarily forget the pain of it. Keep busy taking care of the revival of support for a head full of activities to prevent the housing over evil. On the other hand, could have the doll and reborn too seriously the idea that he too could really solve the duel. Here is where it becomes unhealthy and threatens the mental health of women.

Learn more about reborn dolls

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