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Renaissance Outfits and the Fashion of Renaissance Era

By McIlwain : A how to tutorial about renaissance clothing, medieval costumes, renaissance costumes, Shopping with step by step guide from McIlwain.

Fashion is not the consequence of modern society only. It prevailed during middle ages too. Rich and wealthier people of that era loved to show off their clothing. Medieval costumes of rich were extravagant and expensive. Royals have their own fashion statement, exclusive and expensive line of medieval costumes were made for them. Medieval clothing was the basic method of showing their status. However the people of lower stature could only envy them. Neither they were allowed to wear expensive clothing nor did they have the budget to spend over apparels. Extravagance renaissance dresses were the luxury which lower stature people could not afford.

Rulers had made it mandatory to wear head covers to all irrespective of their social standing. Man covered head with hat, cap or hood while married women wore hats and head pieces called wimples. Unmarried women and young girls did not cover their hair, they let the hair loose. People of that era had also found a way to show the status in head covers also. Poor people wore caps while richer one used slightly raised hats. The hats of wealthier women were decorated by feathers or flowers.

Due to increase trade international market during 14th century, people got lot more choices in textiles and a wealthy class of traders emerged. A new era giving a new definition to fashion had begun. Garments were cut and sewn in accordance with body proportion to give it body shape. More advance lacing technique and buttons were introduced for tighter fitting. Royals were the first who got affected by the new wave. They started wearing shorter garments and gave a way to the gradual development of tight hose and hip length doublet. Women on the other hand didn’t stop romance with long garments. Their long flowing gowns, long sleeves even designs on the apparels had long lines, giving the impression of enlargement.

Due to renaissance movement a lot of positive things stated to happen in late 14th century and with beginning of 15th century, commoner had a lot more choice available in renaissance clothing. Now by that time middle class was begun to emerge and this emerging middle class wanted to get a little luxury like royals. They stared putting their hard earned money on wealth and luxury like medieval renaissance clothing. The basic style of clothing remained same but garments became more elaborative and detailed.

Wool, the easily available and cheap fabric was the most popular at that time also. Due to its warmth and availability it was in demand. It can be dyed into various shades like red, blue, black, gold, green etc. Wool, linen and ship skins were famous among lower class while silk, brocade, velvet, damask and cotton; yes even cotton was popular among rich people by then because cotton was imported from Asian countries and therefore heavily taxed. Slashing technique was also introduced during this period. Cut was made in the outer surface of garment because of the cut a contrasting color set between the wardrobe and inner lining of it.

Medieval renaissance clothing was associated with etiquette and elegancy. Today also it has been successful in retaining its charm and charisma. For more information and varieties in different styles of renaissance dresses, medieval costumes we recommend you to visit our website

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