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Review of GPS car tracking device in Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Driving a car is a necessity these days. Losing a car is a big headache for most people. It is the inconvenience that most car owners are frustrated about due to car loss. Without a car, some car owners will suffer especially for those in the sales line that require them to meet customers on a daily basis. Let's not forget that car insurance company will normally reimburse the losses only after 6 months or more depending on police investigations. Most of the time, the car can never be recovered.

What can be done to locate the car? These days, GPS car tracking device is affordable and can be installed as an accessory in any car. It uses GSM technology to alert the car owner of the exact coordinates of the car by sending SMS. Not only it can be used to track for loss car due to thief, but it can also be used to track your spouse or children at their whereabouts.

One of the features that buyer must look for is the backup battery. This is important because if the thief disconnect the car battery, you will want the GPS car alarm to continue to work.

Second feature that is important is the accuracy of the GPS coordinates. Not all GPS car alarm is built to be the same. Some will have a poor reception and gives a coordinate that is more than 500 metre away.

Another point to consider is the access fee. Some GPS car alarm vendor requires the user to pay them an annual fee.

Let's take a look at one of the most popular GPS car alarm in Malaysia, such as Captor - RF/GPS/GSM. The device costs RM2200 with an annual fee of RM200. It comes with 24hour recovery in case your car is lost. They have a team to track and recover the car for you.

Another GPS car tracking device is from Tramigo. Price is about RM1400, but without remote control and car alarm features. It comes with journey report such as distance, maximum speed, etc. A good buy for those car owners who want GPS tracking only.

Another worthwhile GPS device is from Wegatech that deals with custom electronic design in Malaysia. They can design your GPS car alarm with your own predefined SMS text eg your car plate number, door open SMS, and with SOS emergency button. Price varies depending on your requirement.

For those who prefer a command center and a third party to monitor the car, go for Captor . For those who wants privacy and do not mind to monitor their GPS tracking device themselves, opt for a cheaper alternative such as Tramigo and Wegatech. All these GPS car tracking devices requires a SIM card, which can be subscribed either on a prepaid or postpaid plan.

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