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Rift Rare Mob Locations

By shazhaoyang : A how to tutorial about Rift Rare Mob Locations, Rift Rare Mobs, Rift Secret Boss Location, Gaming with step by step guide from shazhaoyang.

Rift rare mob locations here shows you where are those rare mobs. In Rift, there are many secret things, such as the secret puzzle events and the secret bosses. Players are suprised at seeing them. When they complete those challenges they can obtain some boss rewards. For those rare mobs. Here is the Rift rare mob locations.

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Marlrog

6700 3215

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Brod

6466 2845

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Pentheus

6639 2534

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Werewolf

5780 2710

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Dozer coords

4355 2580

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Lashtail

2970 3950

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Gurok

2965 3955

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Enraged Scarab

7575 6638

Rift Rare Mob Locations:Kragnix the annihilator

8120 6775

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