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Samsung sell hard disk business to Seagate

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April 20, according to foreign media reports, Samsung and Seagate on Tuesday announced a wide-ranging “strategic agreement” to expand the current cooperation between the two sides more effectively compete with the Western data.

The most important element of the agreement include: integration of Samsung’s disk drive business, Seagate, Samsung, Seagate partial shares, consolidate their cross-licensing agreement.

In addition, Samsung and Seagate has also signed a supply agreement NAND flash memory chips and hard drives supply agreement. Under the agreement, Samsung will supply chips Seagate, Seagate Samsung will supply PC, laptops and other consumer electronics products with the hard disk.

Transaction value of approximately $ 1,375,000,000, Seagate, Samsung will pay 50% cash and 50% of the shares.

Samsung and Seagate will also jointly develop a new enterprise storage solutions. Recently, Samsung will appoint a senior executive into the Seagate board of directors.

Insiders pointed out that the Western Digital recently announced the acquisition of 4.3 billion will be Hitachi’s hard disk business, the cooperation of Samsung and Seagate is almost inevitable.

Some media reported that Seagate Western Digital last year rejected a takeover bid.

Yesterday, some media reported that Samsung consider 1 to 1.5 billion U.S. dollars to sell loss-disk drive business, investment in new areas to raise the funds required, the most likely acquirer is Seagate.

Market research firm iSuppli said Samsung hard disk in the global market share of about 18%.

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