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Simple Way to Fix DiRT 3 Freezing

By Mraz : A how to tutorial about Fix DiRT 3 Freezing, Fix DiRT 3 Fullscree Issue, Complete DiRT 3 Cars List, Gaming with step by step guide from Mraz.

Dirt 3 is a new rallying videogame in which you may experience freezing issue while loading screen and screen of the console is seems to be freezing while playing the game. What's worse, it also freeze after every race when you have installed it. Do you know how to fix DiRT 3 freezing? Follow the Dirt 3 crash fixing guide you can easily fix DiRT 3 freezing.

Tip 1: Fix DiRT 3 Freezing
If you only freezes when you unlock achievement after a game you can try to wait until the main menu to view any achievements you earn to avoid any further freezing.

Tip 2: Fix DiRT 3 Freezing
You need to disabe Autosave, removed YouTube account info, and installing to the hard drive. Try this you can reduce the freeze in DiRT 3.

Tip 3: Fix DiRT 3 Freezing
If it still not work. You can try to turn off autosave and maybe you need the elite 120 gig hard drive.

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