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Space Trips Herbal Party Pills - Review..

By Simi S : A how to tutorial about party pills, Health and Fitness with step by step guide from Simi S.

As the name suggests, Space Trips is a party pill or dance pill that will make you feel that you are taking a space trip. You will experience the feeling of flying in the space, completely leaving behind the burden of the day today life. You can say Space Trips is a safer and better version of the notorious drug LSD. This pill serves every occasion whether rave parties, dance club and other parties. This pill will completely shed your inhibitions and make you loosen up like never before. It will help you in unleashing the ‘wild side’ of you. The hallucinogenic effect that this pill gives is far better than any other illegal and addictive drugs for the same, available in the market.

The major ingredients used for preparing this pill are Paullinia cupana extract, Argyreia nervosa (Hawaiian baby wood rose), Camellia sinensis extract, Panax ginseng extract, and Piper nigrum extract. These herbs are known for their effectiveness in giving you the much required energy.They are 100% safe and legal too. Moreover, all these herbs are non-addictive by nature.


Jack Milton (US)- I tried several party pills in the past but none of them could match the
effectiveness of Space Trips. Space Trips gives more hallucinations than any other synthetic drugs too. And of course, I also tried the latter, that’s why I can give you expert comments on all these pills. Whenever I take this pill, I feel as if I am gliding in the space freely without any bondage in my mind and body. I enjoy the trips to the utmost. It is as though all the clumsiness and stress associated to my professional life are being released from my body during the trip. And unlike synthetic pills, Space Trips is 100% effective and non addictive too.
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