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Stair lifts are the best for old people to move up and down the stairs

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With the mechanical advancement, the technological enthusiasts have established a new type of equipment for those who find it difficult to climb or down stairs. This is called the stair-lifts and is used for several other purposes too.

Precisely talking about this equipment, they are mainly used to lift people up and down the stairs. Even wheelchairs can also be lifted up and down using this unit. As this equipment also comprises of a chair for the people to sit while they are lifted, this type of lifts are also known as stair climbers, power chair lifts and simply stair chair lifts.

These stair chair lifts are mainly used for residential purposes but now they are also seen in hotels, restaurants, cafés and even offices. This modern category of lifts comprises wide variety of features like adjustable seat belts, soft start, soft stop, speed governor and adjustable seat height. This category of chair stair climber also works on battery power; hence it will work even if there is no power supply.

This power chair lift mainly moves over the rails which are usually fitted on the stairs, not the wall. These rails may be straight or curved depending on the choice. Mainly made of steel or extruded aluminum, they come in various cross-sectional shapes. Besides all this, for those houses where the rail may cross the doorway, the rails of these stair-lifts can be folded when not in use.

There is a carriage or normally called a seat along with arms and footrest. In the modern power chair lift, the carriage moves along the rail automatically with the help of a battery operated machine. In this equipment, the seat is placed at right angles to the rail so that the user seats on them and travel side saddle. At the top of the staircase, the seat can be turned with the help of a manual or electronic swivel to help the user de-board comfortably.

Straight rail stair climber, Curved rail chair stair-lifts, Wheelchair platform stair lifts, Outdoor stair lifts are some other types of chair lifts that one can install at their homes. These lifting chairs usually works on both alternate and direct current which makes it easier for the users to operate. For more information and quick installation Visit Our Website:

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