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StarCraft 2: How to Use Dark Templar Rush Against Terran

By ruby : A how to tutorial about dark templar rush, starcraft 2 tactics, starcraft 2 strategy, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

It is useful if you play as Protoss or Zerg in StarCraft 2. You can get information about how to use Dark Templar rush against Terran. I will show some tips which is effective to use Dark Templar rush against Terran.

Here are some few tips about how to use Dark Templar rush against Terran…

* The Ravens – They can definitely detect the dark templars in movement. Then sweep them off upon attack.

* Position Missile Turrets – You can build missile turrents which can detect the dark templars as well. Build them near or in the entrance of your base.

* Deploy Orbital Command- Protoss Dark Templars aren’t very resilient, one quick scan and they should die fast before the scan effect wears off.

* Use the Ghosts – EMP Round reveals them for a short period of time, and also removes their entire shields. With only 40 HP left, they should be quickly dealt with before they become cloaked again. A great counter if you don’t have a Raven.

It is good to note that even if your Dark Templar rush on the Terrans is unsuccessful in wiping them out, they will have wasted a lot of Minerals in scanning out your Dark Templars. Just continue sending in Dark Templars and try to snipe out their units and SCVs.

Be on the lookout for high value units like the Siege Tanks and Ghosts to snipe. Many players simply cannot react fast enough if you kill a Tank in a few strikes. Siege tanks are one of the best units to kill since most players keep them in Siege mode, meaning they won’t run away when you attack them and often times the splash damage that occurs when one explodes damages the other nearby units of the enemy too.

If you’d like to see the numbers: One Dark Templar costs 125 Mineral and 125 Vespene Gas. On the other hand, one Siege Tank costs 150 Mineral and 125 Vespene Gas, along with a scan worth 270 Minerals. So even if you lose a Dark Templar, it won’t be as painful for you as losing 420 mineral and 125 Vespene Gas for the Terran player. If you keep rushing in with Dark Templars, these numbers multiply pretty fast.

Ghosts have the EMP ability which can expose Dark Templars, so keep your Dark Templars separated and focus down the Ghosts since losing a Dark Templar is a waste of money.

Also note that Dark Templars can be used to protect your own base while you do a Dark Templar rush. If the Terran uses a lot of scans to see your attacking Dark Templars, he won’t be able to see the Dark Templars you have in your own base. You may use Phoenix or Stalkers to focus down any Raves the enemy might have.

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