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The Bridge Handbags, Purses & Wallets

By Alex : A how to tutorial about Bridge Handbags, Shopping with step by step guide from Alex.

The bridge handbags are setting the trend on the high street, a word of mouth brand you will notice bridge purses being used on the high street. Made in Italy the classic look is influenced by British fashion, one of the reasons they moved from the name IL Ponte to The Bridge, enabling them to move in to the UK market and expand throughout Western Europe. Based in Florence in Italy, the leather goods are manufactured by hand using very traditional heavy saddlery techniques.
Owning a bridge handbag you will generally get comments on the bag during its day to day use, this is because the quality and design stand out in a crowd, this does not generally happen with other high end branded bags as people feel the bag is either fake or you are a poser. The Bridge is different in this case – quality just speaks through the leather and its finish, with age the leather gradually goes darker and gets softer – the feel of the leather just gets better and better. Resulting in prolonged use a Bridge bag usually last at least 20 years before you would consider a repair on a zip or a clasp.
The aged leather with the softness takes time to develop – well that was the case until now – they have developed a new type of leather with the darker look and the softness, it is called Carrera leather.
The Carrera leather is limited at the moment as it is so new, give it a little time and more products will be produced in it – hopefully.
The Bridge have been producing quality leather goods since 1969, an interesting fact is that some of the most popular models that sell today were originally in their range back in the late 1960’s – proof that the brand is timeless in its design. The retro classic look is never out of fashion as it does not date, a little like Victorian architecture – it does not age.
The Bridge have a core range that is produced all year round, to inject a little spice, they introduce new ranges twice a year at the Milan fashion weeks, buyers from around the world travel to Milan for on trend design and up to date ideas, The Bridge are on trend with their annual releases, but these can tend to date along with the higher end fashion brands. Our tip would be to stay with the core range if you want to be frugal.

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