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The easy way to make stuffed teddy bears

By dadamuna : A how to tutorial about Stuffed animals, teddy bears, Hobbies with step by step guide from dadamuna.

It is not always easy to keep children constructively occupied. Most parents would not like their children to grow up constantly engaged by video games or different programs shown on the television. In contrast, every parent would like their children to engage in wholesome and interactive activities. These activities would thus help in teaching children the ways in which they could become dynamic and creative individuals. Making stuffed animals would be a very good option for engaging little girls and boys in some kind of constructive activity. One such type of stuffed animals is the teddy bears. There are a number of workshops conducted where these little kids can learn how to make, design and dress up their favorite teddy bears.

An existing toy or brand new teddy bears can be used while making this particular kind of stuffed animals. It is always better to buy a brand new one without any kind of accessory or clothing. There are some accessories which can be used for a complete transformation of these stuffed animals. Some of these accessories which can be used include old clothes of a child, ribbons, tape and a pair of scissors. After this some groundwork can be done for creating blueprints for the bear, by getting some crayons and white paper sheets.

Drawing out teddy bears and dressing it up in an appropriate manner would help people while making stuffed teddy bears. A lot of creativeness and imagination need to be used while making these stuffed animals. There are an endless number of possibilities that a person can look for while making and decorating these teddy bears. Different kinds of fabric can be used for the creation of stuffed animals. Materials that would offer heavy duty like flannel, twill and corduroy should be used for the purpose.

For achieving the desired shape while making stuffed animals, people should provide special attention to precise stitching. The curves and corners of the teddy bears should be stitched in a proper manner so that it brings out the perfect shape. If the bear is electrically powered, the child should bear in mind that an opening is left for the switch. Before the stuffing of the teddy bears are done different accessories like appliquéd nose, use of button for the eyes, noses and embroidery for making the facial features should be made. Embroidery is always preferable for making different features of these stuffed animals over the use of detachable items like buttons and hard eyes. This is because of the reason that these detachable items can cause health hazards like choking for very small children who play with it.

The stuffing of the teddy bears should be done very carefully. The opening of these stuffed animals should also be slipstitched in a proper manner. It all depends upon the limbs and ears that are used for these teddy bears how the toy is made. There are times when these limbs and ears are stuffed and attached separately after the completion of the body. The most common material that is used for stuffing these stuffed animals is polyfill. Other kind of materials that are also used for these teddy bears are flexible pellets and microbeads. Different kind of clothing like the use of hats and sunglasses for a beach wear look or the use of jacket, cap, gloves and socks for a winter look can also be used as a decorating accessory.

Are you worried about how to engage your child in a more dynamic and constructive work? How about engage them into making stuffed animals during their spare time? Various workshops are held which teaches ways of making these teddy bears with much ease.

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