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The Many Benefits Of Agaricus Blazei – The King Of Mushrooms

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Agaricus Blazei is a mushroom – often referred to as the ‘King of Mushrooms’. The reasons behind this title will become clear as you read this article. As mushrooms go, they are basically nothing more than the fleshy, spore-bearing bodies of fungi. However, this particular mushroom, Agaricus Blazei, has been found useful for many things – most importantly, it offers many health benefits.

To begin the exploration into the wonders of Agaricus Blazei we will start with a brief history of its origin. The mushroom was originally discovered in Brazil, in a small mountain town called Piedade. The people there were recognized for their good health and long lives – and it was eventually discovered that they included Agaricus Blazei in their daily diets.

Eating mushrooms is not uncommon. Many varieties of mushrooms are adored for their flavor and nutritional value. Others are consumed for health reasons, and these are considered medicinal mushrooms. In consideration of the Agaricus Blazei, it can be thought of in both ways. Obviously, it is an edible mushroom, but clearly, the mushroom and its supplements offer numerous health benefits.

It wasn’t until about 1970 that true investigation into the benefits of this mushroom began. At that time, spores of the mushroom were sent to Japan to be analyzed for health benefits. Several years were spent cultivating the mushroom. This task was not an easy one because the growing environment for this unique mushroom specimen requires conditions similar to those found in Piedade. That includes hot and humid days with afternoon showers, and cool evenings. Creating this environment is critical to the mushroom’s survival.

Nowadays Agaricus Blazei is being investigated by researchers from all over the world. Research has proven that the mushroom can work to favorably adjust the body’s immune response. Additionally, it can promote cellular health. And that is the reason that countless Agaricus Blazei supplements are now available. It is said that Agaricus Bio is the purest form available on the market today.

Because there is existing scientific evidence of the mushroom’s value regarding health benefits, even more research is being conducted. To date, Agaricus Blazei supplements have been shown effective in such things as providing protection against elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, as well as supporting healthy blood sugar levels. The supplements have even been credited for slowing down the growth of abnormal cells of the skin, stomach, prostate, ovaries, lungs, liver, fibroblasts, blood and connective tissues. Studies involving cancer patients have shown that although Agaricus Extract does not prevent tumor growth, it does slow down the progress of the tumor growth, and therefore, can extend the survival time of some patients. The mushroom’s ability to strengthen the immune response can help to prevent or treat a range of viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal diseases. As we learn more about this magnificent fungus the title, ‘King of Mushrooms’ seems to be well deserved.

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