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The Whole New Plant Characters of Plants VS Zombies 2

By livia : A how to tutorial about plants vs zombies 2, plants vs zombies characters, new plant characters, Gaming with step by step guide from livia.

As we know Plants vs. Zombies was developed by PopCap, and this game is extremely popular with people all over the world. Plants vs. Zombies is not only popular in the PC platform, but also popular in iPhone platform. At present, the Plants vs. Zombies 2 characters have been released. I will make short introductions on top 8 new Plants vs. Zombies 2 characters.

Chinese Bamboo

This bamboo is from china where there is no zombie, and this bamboo can shoot sharp blades, so it is a very aggressive bamboo and it is a good weapon, but Chinese bamboo only has moderate injury. This Chinese bamboo’s greatest feature is full-screen attack (2 seconds once)

Crystal Grass

It is able to collect half of the sun screen (the first 5 seconds), but it must be planted on the marigolds.

Long Tribulus

Long Tribulus has rapid digestion, and it can swallow anything but machinery and giant. It has to be grown in the mouth takes. It will do great harm to others.

Stone fruit

Stone fruit has a very powerful ability to protect housing, and it must be grown on a high land. It has unprecedentedly high toughness.

Halloween pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin can self – repair before being attacked, and it must be grown in pumpkin head. The important thing is it has high toughness.

Garlic Angel

Garlic Angel will increase toughness and increase frequency of sunshine when the sun shines. It is a plant with halo properties.


Mushrooms can attack all the enemies of a line, and can destroy the enemy's metal objects. What is more, it will do great harm to normal plants, especial to mechanicals.

You can plant more plants on one plant, and you should pay attention to some points:
this plant can not be planted on nuts wall and pop cannon. In addition, once king rattan was growed in sunflower, the sunflower will not produce the sun.

This new plant has a low toughness, and it means that it is easy to twist.

Zombie attack sequence: on - King rattan - Next.

Goblin Zombie will directly attack this plant and get through easily.
The king flower will transport more plant nutrients to the top of the head   

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