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Top 10 Great and Crazy Predictions about Future

By lola : A how to tutorial about social network, IP address, future predictions, Other with step by step guide from lola.

U.S. “Futurist” Magazine declared 10 great and crazy predictions about our future.

Prediction 1: By 2030, everyone’s words and deeds will be recorded. Human will be implanted into nanochips and form a ubiquitous communications network. Everyone will have a unique IP address. All the dialogue and activities will be recorded and can be recoverable because the storage capacity of nanochip is almost infinite.

Prediction 2: With the obtain technology becomes easier more and more, biotechnology violence will become a greater threat. Bacteria and viruses could be modified to increase lethality or respond to antibiotics.

Prediction 3: The era of the car as road king is coming to an end. The development of wireless communications will reduce the demand for human travel and air transport will gradually replace the trucks. The policy of restricting private car and other factors may deprive car’s dominance to environment and culture.

Prediction 4: Careers and college professions will be more specialized. Students don’t learn general business any more but begin to select the sub-professional, such as sustainable business, information science and entrepreneurship strategy. Other unpopular professions will attract the interest of students such as neuroscience and nanotechnology, computer and digital forensics and comic arts

Prediction 5: It may also appear the world law in the near future and all national legal systems will be network. As national and local legal database, The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) currently is formed by more than 100 nations.

Prediction 6: Like the space race in the last century, Biomedical and Genetic Improvement Contest will occur in the 21st century.

Prediction 7: The speed of professional knowledge obsolete almost as fast as the speed of human learning professional knowledge. The rapid development of job market and career skills requires every employee to accept re-vocational education.

Prediction 8: By 2030, the degree of urbanization will reach 60%. As the crowded housing and poor sanitary conditions, infectious diseases will become more common. With the increase of carbon dioxide emissions and the reduction of the vegetation which can absorb carbon dioxide, the rate of global warming may accelerate.

Prediction 9: The Middle East will become more secular. According to a survey conducted by the University of Michigan, in Iraq and other places, the public support for religious government is declining.

Prediction 10: By 2030, 83% of the areas around the world will have access to electricity. The electrification rate is still low of Sub-Saharan Africa and other poor areas, Uganda’s electrification rate is only 3.7%.

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