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Top 10 Most Popular Android Shooting Games

By ruby : A how to tutorial about android games, android 3.0, android 2.2, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

In order to satisfy the nostalgia and the shooting hobby, I found carefully from the network with some shooting games for Android platforms, which are mainly First-Person Shooter, FPS, including familiar with Quake, Counter-Strike Ranking a person shooting games, and some big game hunting, hunting ducks Shooting scene. I hope to more Android users can enjoy it.

1. Quake

Quake For Android:

2. Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner For Android:

3. Big range hunting 2

Big range hunting 2 For Android:

4. DuckHunt

DuckHunt For Android:

5. Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike For Android:

6. iCommando


7. Antibody Lite

Antibody Lit For Android:

8. ToonWarz

ToonWarz For Android:

9. Sniper Vs Sniper ONLINE

Sniper Vs Sniper ONLINE For Android:

10. Sniper Shot

Sniper Shot For Android:

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