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Top 4 Disadvantages about iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 is running off the latest operating system iOS 5 by Apple, and coming up with some good features. But there are some big disadvantages of iPhone 5. Do you want to know? Here shows you 4 disadvantages about iPhone 5 which is must known.

Top 4 Disadvantages about iPhone 5

Disadvantage 1. SIM Card Slot: iPhone 5 doesn't have SIM Card Slot. Apple is working with SIM manufacturer Gemalto to create a unique SIM card, it allows people to buy the iPhone directly from Apple and choose a carrier via the App Store.

Disadvantage 2. Connector: iPhone 5 features built-in wireless syncing capabilities, inductive charging a la Palm Pre. But it doesn't include 30-pin connector.

Disadvantage 3. Headphone Jack: iPhone 5 doesn't have headphone jack, without headphone jack would suck since none of my vehicles have any kind of Bluetooth capabilities and won't in the near future.

Disadvantage 4. Cleverness Slide: iPhone 5 unlikely to let this cleverness slide, it would risk looking too much like every generic plastic Android phone out there.

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