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Top 5 Best Earphones for Running & Sport

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Running, jogging, and exercising has become a routine for most of us today. As music does have a very good impact on the quality of workout or jogging, we generally listen to songs from our MP3 player while running and exercising. The biggest problem that we have to face with listening to standard headphones during running is their shifting from over the ears occasionally. Such headphones are not at all equipped for fitting snugly over the ears. They may even get spoiled due to the sweat, jiggling, and harsh conditions. So to make your running lives a bit easier, I've compiled a list of some of my all-time favorite stay-put earphones, so you can focus on your run time, rather than your technical difficulties.

Philips Earhook Headphones
For earphones that hook around your ear, I like these flexible earphones by Philips. They provide decent sound quality, stay snug and secure in your ears, and come with a 1.2-meter-long cable so you can pop your iPod in a jacket or in your running pants. Another good to know piece of information? They only cost $7.

Sennheiser Twist-to-Fit Earbuds
Turn some heads with Sennheiser's stylish earbuds ($65). Both sweat and water resistant, these twist-to-fit earphones ensure you are getting the most comfortable fit. Sound quality is stellar with neodymium magnets for detailed sound, and each pair comes with an ear adapter set, a cable clip, and a carrying case. So Spring appropriate!

Sony Spiral Neck-Band Headphones
If you're a fan of the wraparound-style headphones, check out Sony's lightweight Spiral neck-band headphones ($30) that come with a cord adjuster so you can get the exact length you want. They offer an excellent deep bass sound quality too. The headphones are also protected in a moisture guard so no worries about heavy sweating.

Shure Sound Isolating Earphones
These electronic gadgets from Shure ($100) are for runners who are adamant about exceptional audio output. With balanced armature speakers and sound isolation technology, you're guaranteed to hear the music the way it was intended. Shure also includes multiple earlobe attachments so you can get just the right fit.

Innovelis BudFits
Inexpensive and functional, Innovelis has created these Budfits earphone attachments ($9) for all iPod and iPhone earbuds. If you have a few pairs of Apple electronic gadgets lying around but don't use them because they fall out while running, these flexible add-ons will keep your earphones safe and secure.

These are some of the best electronic gadgets for running, jogging or exercising. If you are thinking of best bluetooth headphones for running, you can consider the Jaybird sportsband models. Sony's DR-BT140Q can also be thought of as a good choice if you are searching for best wireless headphones for running or active use.

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