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Top 5 Tips for Strong Tropical Cyclone Disaster Prevention and Preparation

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As we know, a lot of cyclones happened in costal countries, especially for the United States, and strong tropical cyclones will had unimaginable results. So it is exceedingly critical for those countries to take measures to prevent and prepare for the cyclones beforehand, which will reduce the loss. I will give 5 tips to prevent and prepare for cyclones.


Strong cyclone happened when you were at home, and it is necessary for you to stay away from doors, windows and houses outside the walls. The safest place are underground and semi – basement. In addition, you had better promptly cut off power supply.


If powerful cyclone happened, you were happened to do something at outside. You have to find a nearest low – lying land volts on the ground, but you should stay away from trees, poles so as not to be smashed, and electric shock.


When the tornado happened, you were driving a car on the road. You do not hide in the car, because car can not defend the cyclone. It is quite wise for you to immediately leave the car and hide in a low – lying ground.


Generally speaking, early warning and timely evacuation can largely reduce the loss resulted from cyclones. It is extremely important to enhance prevention technology to predict the coming of the cyclone beforehand.


Building more anti – cyclone buildings and houses to defend cyclones’ attack is most urgent thing for costal countries where cyclones often happened. It is reported that more casualty and property loss are resulted from unstable houses and buildings.

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