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Top Effective Ways to Help You Have a Sound Sleep

By anny : A how to tutorial about sound sleep tips, insomnia tips, insomnia solutions, Health and Fitness with step by step guide from anny.

Jenelle Jordyn's "Natural Sleep Made Simple" shows that a good night's sleep does not need to be drug-induced. In fact, Jordyn presents several ways to achieve sound sleep by harmonizing one's self with an environment that's conducive to sleep. She points out that bedroom features such as lighting, temperature and susceptibility to noise all contribute to a person's ability to fall asleep and stay that way throughout the night. Many examples are given for making your bedroom as comfortable as possible.

"Natrual Sleep Made Simple"
also covers which types of foods and pre-sleeping activities may cause insomnia problems or interfere with sound sleep. Anyone who has trouble sleeping should be mindful of these sleep-disturbing foods and keep intake levels low in the hours before bedtime. Many of them act to stimulate the mind, increase heart rate and may keep the body from feeling tired when it needs rest. Jordyn also elaborates on several sleep-friendly food choices that may assist with getting some much needed rest.

The book also goes into how our daily physical activities play a role in the soundness of the sleep we get each night. But, it's important that exercise be performed correctly and at the right times to help with achieving natural sleep. When done incorrectly it could actually make matters worse. The good thing here is that you are not forced to go to the gym or follow any particular program. Several options are discussed that can be done during your free time.

Of particular interest in the book is the section about warm bathing. Not only does Jordyn point out how relaxing a warm bath can be, she also includes a variety of choices when it comes to herbs and aromatherapy oils that can be used. Also included is a bonus recipe for a soothing home-made bath powder designed to promote relaxation in preparation for sleep. Further, because the emotional well-being of a person is a factor in restful sleep, several techniques are offered about easing one's worries through meditation, breathing exercises and other forms of relaxation.

"Natural Sleep Made Simple" also provides tips on vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies to relieve sleeping problems. Here, Jordyn explains the importance of each kind of vitamin, their effects on the body and the typical dosage. There is ample information about various herbs, how they can be used and where to find them.

Finally, the inability to sleep soundly may lead to other complications (or be caused by other conditions) and should be addressed immediately. Jordyn provides insight as to the importance of getting the appropriate medical attention when necessary to correct or prevent additional problems.

Jenelle Jordyn's "Natural Sleep Made Simple" is recommended for anyone who has trouble sleeping and wants to take control of the situation without resorting to drugs or sleep medications. With all the natural solutions provided in this guide, there are plenty of options to choose from. In addition, nearly all of the methods have the added benefit of improving overall health while solving sleep issues at the same time. For more details about getting a good night's sleep naturally, check out Jenelle's guide at:

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