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Toyota Avanza with Sporty Aerokit in Malaysia

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The fresh new Toyota Avanza is a product of a intelligent combination of elements of the earlier Avanza models together with modern, superior functions.

This all new mini-MPV sports a trendy look, and with its ample amount of space, it makes for the ideal family vehicle.

Trend is definitely the keyword when it comes to the newest Toyota Avanza. It is offered in a variety of colours, specifically: Dazzling Silver, mysterious Gray Metallic, classy Black Mica and traditional White. The 1.5 versions of the latest Avanza have a slender chrome grille, which really adds a sophisticated edge to the motor vehicle. Each of the variants come with multi-reflector headlamps, which are molded to enhance the face of the vehicle. The newest Avanza has been beautifully made with a bold form, but it has been cleverly curved for aerodynamics: the corners of the Avanza are smooth and curved and the motor vehicle lies low, permitting ultimate stableness.

Each variation includes its very own distinctive beautiful details to the exterior. Attractive 15 inch alloy wheels are available on the 1.5S and 1.5G models. The 1.5 models are available with a lustrous chrome finishing on the handles and on the back plate garnishing. A Sporty Aerokit is available on the 1.5S model: a front side bumper spoiler, rear bumper spoiler and side skirtings give the completely new Avanza a racy and edgy look and feel. The Sporty Aerokit is an optional accessory in the other variants.

The recent Avanza may well be a huge, roomy motor vehicle, but Toyota has built it to have a minimum turning radius of 4.7 metres, so that it is easy to park and carry out u-turns.

Toyota has made certain that performance of the latest Avanza lives up to its high standards by installing the Avanza with Toyota's well-known VVT-i engine. The VVT-i engine ensures maximum performance by automatically modifying valve timing and offering steady acceleration. The VVT-i engine also ensures minimal fuel consumption and cleaner emissions.

The brand new Avanza has been equipped with front MacPherson struts: the suspension system is optimised to deliver optimum stability, permitting the motor vehicle to be steady and secure when taking turns or when driving on a winding road.

The 1.3E variant is manual transmission while the 1.5 different versions are automatic transmission. The 1.5 versions also feature Toyota's A/T Gate Type Shift Lever with Shift Lock.

The new Toyota Avanza is a 7-seater motor vehicle: two seats in front, two seats in the middle row and three seats at the back. Toyota has made the latest Avanza a tremendously versatile vehicle: the middle and last row of car seats can be simply and speedily collapsed to make a good sized open space for baggage. The brand new Avanza's interior finishing is also an enhancement: the inside has been upholstered in dark material, giving the vehicle a more classicinterior look and feel. A Dual Blower air-conditioning system has been integrated in the recent Avanza: this ensures that the over-all motor vehicle will get the impact of the air-conditioner, making a pleasant ride for the front, middle and rear travellers.

The frame of the latest Avanza is engineered to Toyota's safety specifications. In the event of a collision, the Global Outstanding Body Assessment structure of the Avanza distributes impact energy from one spot of the vehicle to all sections of the entire body of the vehicle, thus minimising the effect on one place, and lowering the risk of injury to the occupants. Owing to the massive dimensions of the new Avanza, Toyota has added reverse sensors which alert the driver when an object is in close proximity to the rear part of the car when reversing.

The new Toyota Avanza is priced from RM62,000 and the 1.3E, 1.5E, 1.5G and 1.5S units have been unveiled in this country by Toyota Malaysia. The recent Toyota Avanza is big on style and room and will make a fantastic family motor vehicle without putting stress on your budget.

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