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Train Your Dogs To Do Anything You Want

By Wayne Green : A how to tutorial about dog training, train dog, dog training tips, Pets with step by step guide from Wayne Green.

Every dog owner hopes that his dog can be trained to do anything that he wants. Here I’m going to tell you what the best way to train your dog to do is: take advantage of eating that is dog’s strongest instincts. We all know that dogs love to eat. You can use this strong instinct in your pet in order to teach him or her virtually any trick or activity you wish. What we are talking about here is using dog treats to bribe the animal and to reward the animal for doing exactly what we want.

Do you know what dog’s favorite food is? Some people might say those food related to bone or meat. Correct answer is dogs favorite is anything related to cheese. You may not know it, but every dog is a lover of those crunchy cheese puff snacks you can buy in any grocery store. These are quite handy to use for dog training since they are small and bite-size and dogs adore the taste. There is no need to buy the expensive kind of cheese puffs; dogs enjoy even the cheapest brands of all.

Presume that you buy a dog playpen for your doggy but you aren’t able to get him to enter his dog pen on his own. The way to begin using the cheese pups to seduce the animal and train him or her to enter the playpen on his or her own is quite simple in fact. In the beginning, simply take a handful of cheese puffs and walk into the pen yourself and show the animal the treats in your hand.

When your dog finally follows you to enter the dog playpen to get reward, you should give him his reward and walk out of the pen. Praise dog and play with him for a little while and then enter the dog playpen again and repeat the process of offering him a treat. Eventually the dog will easily go into the pen after a treat.

What you’re going to do next is getting the dog to enter without you having to. Bring the dog inside again and this time except the pen and give him or her a treat through the fence to the side of the gate. Repeat this several times in the first day. And then repeat the entire process for the next couple of days without any stress or trials or tribulations for the animal to face. It should all be a happy time for the both of you giving him lots of praise and treats in the process.

Keep feeding your dog through the fence in the latter steps at the same spot each time. Finally, what you will have to do is just stand outside the fence and hold a treat with your fingers on the inside where you have always fed the animal. The dog will learn to walk into the pen and retrieve the treat. To begin with, don’t shut the dog in the pen during this process that should go on for two or three or four days.

At last, what you need to do is just walk to the pen with a treat, hold the treat inside the fence with the gate open, and the dog will enter happily to retrieve the treat and then you can close the gate. When you think that you do this often enough, try not to take a treat to the pen and you will find your dog can enter his dog playpen without treat.

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