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Treatment of Crossbite with Orthognathic Surgery

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Generally the crossbite problem occurs when teeth of upper jaw gets surrounded by the teeth of lower jaw. It can also be understood in this way as when teethe position gets misaligned then it results in the crossbite. Along with this there is one more r4eason of crossbite that is difference in the jaw sizes and placement between the upper and lower jaw. Crossbite is a common problem that is found both in children as well as adults.

This is only a kind of dental problem that is mainly caused due to thronging teeth or due to smaller space between teeth. Generally in children the habit of mouth breathing results in crossbite or may be due to hereditary. Due to crossbite people suffers from many problem such as chewing food, interrupted sleep, speech problem, TMJ pain, breathing problem, and many more.

Many people think that crossbite gets corrected by itself after falling of milk teeth. But this is totally a misconception, because it will not get corrected by itself. You must start the treatment of crossbite as soon as possible. Basically the treatment of crossbite depends upon underlying causes, as it can be treated with braces but if the problem is severe then you will need Orthognathic Surgery. Generally due to insufficient width of upper jaw crossbite occurs and with this surgery the problem can be treated.

After the surgery the problem of crossbite gets eliminated, complete treatment including pre and post crossbite surgery is for about 12 months. And the Orthognathic surgery cost depends upon the patients complications.

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