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Visqueen and Other Plastics: What Gives?

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Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the world today. Its exceptional strength and durability makes it suitable for all types of storage and construction functions. Its pliant form allows it to be molded into any shape and size needed for specific purposes. Popular heavy-duty plastics include Polyethylene, which is a flexible and cheap type of plastic used for automotive fittings, storage containers, and plumbing fixtures. Air-tight plastic containers made of Polyethylene greatly reduced food spoilage, and are found in almost every home today. Polypropylene is another form of plastic used in automotive construction, plastic furniture and plastic bottles.

Aside from widely used plastic containers and storage bins, heavy duty plastic is now being created for construction materials. Visqueen, a type of water and chemical-proof plastic, is widely used as a protective covering for roofs, walls and furniture during major home renovations. Polyurethane, or more popularly known as Lycra, is commonly used in stretchable clothing and furniture filling. It is also used for mattresses and insulation. Fiberglass is a composite of carbon and glass fibers. Their lightweight and heat-resistant qualities make them suitable for constructing speed boats and jet skis, as well as aircraft structures.

The extremely sturdy and weather-proof characteristic of plastic has also made it one of the most recent replacements for steel and metal in construction. What are the advantages of heavy duty plastic? Unlike metal or wood, plastic does not rot or rust, maintains its original appearance despite weathering, and is not a conductor of electricity. Its being naturally light-weight makes it easier to transport and handle than steel rods. It has a standard form and appearance and can be used to make more curved and sloped industrial designs.

Heavy-duty sheeting is one of the most commonly used forms of plastic in construction. Plastic sheeting comes in a variety of thickness and components. Some are made of layers of reinforced polyethylene and nylon and are apt for insulation membranes, construction enclosures and fumigation covers. Waterproof sheets are especially made for reduce moisture formation and to seal off water leakage into the construction.

Its wide range of features and advantages provide plastic sheeting with a number of other valuable uses for residential and commercial construction. Fire retardant plastic is sandwiched in between constructing wall layers to decrease fire hazards. Some heavy-duty plastics can also be placed underneath a building’s structure as a barrier from roots or growing trees, as expanding roots can weaken a structure’s foundation.

Furniture, walls, and ceilings need a protective film or covering during remodeling projects. Visqueen is a popular option to protect concrete while drying, as well as a drop cloth for furniture during renovation of painting projects. Its water-proof characteristics make it suitable for lining man-made ponds and fountains and serving as a temporary covering for damaged roofs. It can be used as a moisture barrier to prevent weed growth and can protect levees from erosion.

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