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Weird Connections: Can Stomach Flu Cause leg pain?

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Cause and Effect

The cause of your sickness is due to the rapid reproduction of a virus or bacteria within your body. The effect is that you are miserable, in pain, weak, and counting the days that this illness has lasted. Can stomach flu cause leg pain? Your leg didn’t hurt before, but suddenly, it aches pretty bad.

When you think of the word “flu”, you associate it with fever, aches, fatigue, and pain. Rarely, however, do you associate it with leg pain in particular. When your body is being plastered with stomach flu, you generally just feel “icky” all over, even mentally. Stomach flu causes the body to put it’s defense mechanisms to the test, but this glorious battle can leave you generally weak.

Dehydration Facts

Lack of fluid can cause the salts in the body to run wild. Without water to dilute the salts and refresh the body’s need for clean water, the salts begin detracting water sources wherever it can. You may experience decreased tear production, dry mouth, dry skin, and dry eyes.

Can stomach flu cause leg pain if I’m dehydrated? Yes, stomach flu can cause leg pain due to dehydration. You may feel sharp, dull, or waves of pain in the calf, ankle, knee, or thigh. Dehydration saps the body’s energy and can cause aches and pains.

Other Reasons Pain Exists

Stomach flu doesn’t directly cause the pain, but the effects of it inside the body can. Pain may also come from repeatedly trekking to the bathroom due to diarrhea and vomiting. “Can stomach flu cause leg pain if I’m not moving around much”? Most definitely another reason for your leg pain can be lack of mobility.

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