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What is the use of silk tallit (Prayer Shawl)?

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There was a time when the traditional Tallit only used to be of one kind – white body with black stripes. And it would be made of wool or cotton. Then people started using other stripe colors like gold and silver. While the tallit is very much associated with the Jewish religion there is no strict rule that forbids the use of other colors as stripes. There is only one exception in tallit. While the tallit can be made of any material, the Jewish religious laws forbid the use of mixing wool and linen to make a tallit. And tallitot are now becoming more stylish. Hence, one of the most common tallits today is the silk tallit.

What is the use of silk tallit?
A silk tallit, or for that matter, any tallit (also called tallis) is a traditional Jewish prayer shawl. It is worn over the outer clothing during the Jewish morning prayers, holidays and Shabbat. A typical silk tallit has tzitzit attached to its four corners. Tzitzit are specially twined and knotted fringes that complete the look of the silk tallit. A tallit is often given as a gift during Bar Mitzvah and together with the shofar and other items of Jewish religion, forms part of the entire event.

Buying silk tallit
While there are tallitot made from different material, those made of silk are very popular. When you are gifting someone a tallit during Bar Mitzvah you want to gift the best. A silk tallit is fine woven, extremely lightweight and great to look at. The boy, upon receiving this gift, is sure to keep it as a cherished item for years to come. And you can make them feel more special when you gift them a tallit set made of silk. A tallit set would typically comprise of the tallit, the kipah and the tallit bag.

To buy tallit, all you need to do is visit one of the online shopping websites that sell Jewish prayer items. You will find a range of tallitot in these websites and it is very easy to buy them. One of the best features of an online store is that you can filter the available tallitot as per your budget. When you indicate how much you are willing to spend on your silk tallit only those products in your price range will be displayed. Once you have chosen your product all you need to do is pay online and they will ship the item to your home.

A silk tallit is an essential part of the Jewish customs. You simply cannot go to the morning prayers without wearing one. If you are a true Jew then this is one of the things you must carry on your person.

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