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What Pilot Training Is Like:What Pilot Training Is Like

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Many people have a glorified conception of what being a pilot is like – flying high in the sky and traveling all around the world. In order to get there however, pilots have to go through a grueling course of study and training in order to become qualified to fly a plane. This applies no matter whether the pilot trainee is training to become a commercial airline pilot or simply a recreational pilot. Anyone who wishes to enroll in flight school should definitely first find out about pilot training and what being at flight training school is like before making the decision to enroll.

Just like most other skills, there is a theory component to flying and there is also a practical component. And as with most other types of training, training to become a pilot begins in the classroom with the theory aspect. This is also known as “ground school”, because all of the learning takes place on the ground, whereas other parts of the training involve actually being in the air with an instructor.

The theory aspect of training deals with all of the rules and regulations as well as the principles behind flying an aircraft. This is extremely important because, when you become a pilot and are flying an airplane, you will be sharing the skies with many other aircraft, and the rules are there to ensure that aircraft never get close enough to each other to endanger themselves.

Once you have mastered all the necessary knowledge that can be taught in the classroom, the practical training begins. This involves taking a plane up in the air with an instructor who will continually instruct you in the practical aspect of flying. You will learn all the basics of taking off, maneuvering the aircraft, and landing. When you have mastered all of these skills to the satisfaction of your instructor, you will be allowed to take a plane up on your first solo flight.

Of course, your instructor will be on the radio throughout your solo flight to continue instructing you, but this is generally considered a milestone in the course of training and a moment of great excitement for any pilot trainee. During your first solo flight you will be conducting more maneuvers and also be introduced to communicating with Air Traffic Control.

The final phase of training involves a series of solo flights monitored by your instructor, who will ensure that you master each and every skill required by a pilot. It is important that your instructor not move on from any lesson until you have completely mastered the content, because you never know when you might need that piece of knowledge to save your life and possibly the lives of any passengers you might be carrying.

Once all of your theoretical and practical pilot training is complete, the final step is to take the Federal Aviation Authority written test and checkride. Once you pass the written test and have successfully completed your checkride, you will completed your flight training and earned your pilot’s license.

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Earning your pilot’s license is no easy task, and you will only be able to do so with the requisite Pilot training at an accredited Flight Training center. Additional help is always available at Flight Learnings, where you will find all of the information you need to breeze through flight school!

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