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Why should we eat grape?

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Why should we eat grape? Grape is not only delicious, but also has health care efficacy. Grapes are mainly made into grape wine, grape juice, raisins and canned food. There are many benefits of eating grapes, here I will list them out below: 1.    Antivirus and kill the bacteria. Grape contains natural polymer phenol which can chemical combination with a virus or protein of bacteria and lead them lose the ability of infect disease, especially for hepatitis virus, the polioviruses. 2.    Prevent cancer and anticancer. The Compounds called resveratrol in grapes can prevent normal cells canceration, inhabit cancer cell proliferation and have a strong prevent cancer and anticancer function. 3.    Prevent anemia. Grape contains vitamin B12 which has anti pernicious anemia, especially the red wine fermented by the grape with skin; it contains vitamin B12 12-15 mg in each liter. So, drink red wine regularly is benefit to treat pernicious anemia. 4.    Reduce gastric acid and benefit gall bladder. Study shows, grape also contain vitamin P. Oral intake Grape seed oil 15 grams can reduce gastric acid toxicity, 12 grams can benefit gall bladder, thus it can cure gastritis, enteritis and vomiting. 5.    Anti atherosclerosis. Study found that wine can increase the high-density lipoprotein in blood and reduce the content of low density lipoprotein. Low density lipoprotein can cause atherosclerosis, and highly dense lipoprotein does not cause atherosclerosis, and resistance of atherosclerosis. Therefore, drink grape wine can reduce the death caused by coronary heart disease. At the same time, grape contains high potassium which can help the accumulation of calcium, promote the function of kidney and adjust the frequency of heartbeat. 6.    Help and exciting brain nerve. The grape fruit is rich in glucose, organic acids, amino acid and vitamin which can help and exciting brain nerve and can cure neurasthenia and eliminate fatigue. 7.    Diuresis and detumescence. According to the records of medical book, the grape root, cane, leaf, etc have a good effect of diuresis, detumescence, and miscarriage prevention and cure pernicious vomiting, edema, etc.

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