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Will you Send Your Parents to Nursing Home?

By Annie459236 : A how to tutorial about nursing home, elderly people, send parents to nursing homes, Home & Family with step by step guide from Annie459236.

The hardest part for elderly people would be isolation from friends and family. Many parents would ask nothing but visits back home from their children. Your parents need to be emotionally strong to make a smooth move from their home of many years to a retirement and nursing home. However, many young couples still choose to send their parens to a nursing home . What do you think of such a phenomenon? Would you do that? Most of us would say no way. Especially in this culture where we arebrought up to be filial to our parents. No one, in the right frame of mind, would choose to send their parents to the old folks home, given achoice. No way. When push comes to shove, when you'repushed to a corner, when circumstance or situation pushes you to theend, one may have no other route. It could be because with two working adults and young kids in tow,there is no one proper to look after them, especially if they need nursing care . Or how about this reality- people who migrate, leaving their elderly mum or dad with no siblings to look after them. The person needs care. One cannot expect him to fend for himself. Nursing homes or old folks home would be the next best option. For parents, being at home is most comfortable and they are in familiarsurroundings. Nursing homes are like hospitals. No one likes to be in hospital.People like to be at home. Home is where the heart is, home is where the children is . They can get comfort with their children and family. Therefore, no matter how difficult your situation is, try your best to provide for my parents as they had provided for us when we were young. It may take sacrifice, and sometimes lots of it, just as they did also sacrifice a lot for us when we were young.However, what a harmonious family would bring you would go beyond all the sacrifice you've paid.

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