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Winning Scratch Cards | Online Scratch Cards

By online : A how to tutorial about Online Scratch Cards, Business with step by step guide from online.

The big question about scratch cards is if anyone has won any decent money ever or is this whole business is just a big hoax!

Well if you will continue reading I will lay the whole story out for you giving you the real facts about the online and offline world of scratch cards and if there is any real chance of winning. The combination of chances of winning scratch cards is broken down into two main categories, first there is the winning odds, and next there is the pay-out. I will now go on to explain each one of them clearly.

First i will explain the odds because that is the easier one. The odds are your chances to win from a certain number of scratchcards. In the off-line instant lottery world or instant scratch card they print a series of cards. From that series it is already known how scratch cards are winning scratch cards. What this means that if they print for example 600 000 cards they would have 10 000 winners. This would make your odds of winning around 1 - 60. These odds are not very good; however in the online world they are much better. Neogames the world leader of online scratch cards offers winning odds of 1 in 3. But remember, this only means that you should win 1 in every 3 cards but may only win back what you bet. You can find these odds on sites like Scratch2cash, and Primescratchcards.

Now i will go on to explain the pay-out ratio and how this affects your chances of winning. The payout ratio means what percentage of bets you should keep. So if the pay out ratio was 50% this means that out of every 100£ you bet you should keep around 50£, however this happens repeatedly so your 50 would then become 25 and so on. This is the ratio that makes sure the house always wins. There is no time applied to this so it is difficult to undersatnd but in the big numbers statistically it just works. So now in the offline lottery the percentage is around 50%. The reason for this is huge distribution costs and affilaition fees they need to apy their distributers. It is understandable and not really a rip off and last point to remember is that all national lotteries pay a percentage of their profits to charity organisations. In the online world of online scratch cards the pay-out percentage is much higher. In scratchcard sites like scratch2cash it is around 95% which is quite high.

In summary my conclusion is quite clear. The chances of hitting a major jackpot with a winning scratch card is much higher playing online but playing offline goes a long way to helping a good cause.

Now that you’re a better equipped to make a sound decision i wish you the best of luck and happy scratching! has famous writes on the topic Online Scratch Cards and Scratch Cards

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